04 November 2010

Updates and Commentary

It seems like this blog has become "The Blog That Almost Was." I haven't had my heart in contributing to it for awhile.  First of all, it was never my intention to become a recipe blogger.  That's just my way of cheating, because I haven't had the time to invest in any content other than the easy, 'I'm making this' stuff.  Enough.

So, If there is anything referenced to in this blog and you are seeking a recipe, post it in the comments and I will provide one.  That's not to say there won't be any recipes at all.  It's just no longer going to be the focus.  I'm giving this thing another chance with myself, and have to decided to do some different things, as originally intended.  Musings and Mutterings.  Oh yeah, I remember now...

Maybe we'll keep this thing alive a bit longer.

I appeal to you, faithful readers (all one or two of you), that part of what will help keep this going, will be you.  Without comments, I can't be sure I'm not completely wasting my time.  So post away.

Some things to look forward to:


I'm of two minds when it comes to writing reviews.  First of all, I come from the school of not saying anything at all, if it is less than nice.  At least, professionally.  I'm working on overcoming that.  The flip side is, I refuse to gush about everything the way some other sites do.  For example, one of my favourite points of reference gives rave reviews to every food cart on the street.  And in Portland, that's a lot of carts.  As a result, I have been lead awry, a few times too many.  I appreciate this in the ethical sense, but I'd rather have a more accurate point of referral. I, however won't be dishing out insults, and if you don't see a review of something that you're curious about; it either sucked or I haven't tried it.  You can always hit me with requests as well.

Better pictures, but perhaps less of them.

I now have a better camera on my iPhone 4 than I did on the previous models. When I take a picture it will be more appealing to look at; and there will be less of them because I will quickly become annoyed with it otherwise.

Trends, fashions, and theologies.

The cultural aspects of eating and imbibing are a passion of mine.  So, I write about it.

And now, a photo essay...

Really enjoying a lot of raw foods lately, like this Zucchini Salad...

And, some not so raw foods.  It's Fall, you know.

Chili Two ways...

 White Bean Chile, made with Farmers' Market fresh Hatch chilies.  Now grown in Hillsboro!

Start with fresh, local beef...

cook up some peppers (seven different types)!


Simmer for several hours

Texas Style goodness.

Add Sharp Cheddar and Scallions to serve.  Great with Tortillas, Skillet Cornbread, and Fritos!  I'll eat it every which way...


  1. Mmm...you had me zucchini salad. That was a good one, but we are moving into chili season. As a direct beneficiary, I encourage as many chili variations as possible, and anything with an egg on top. *And* some brothy numbers with a generous dose of cheese rind thrown in. Also-reviews! More more more! Then, when people ask me for recommendations, I won't have to say, "wait, I'll call my boyfriend and get back to you."

  2. That New Mexico white chili looks wonderful; though anything with green chilis is that, in my book. I'll second the request for reviews: you can put in criticism, and that's a valuable part of reviewing places that one might need to be warned about. Just make the criticisms either:

    a) constructive, or
    b) funny.

    I'm still trying to imagine enjoying raw zucchini salad.

  3. James,

    I agree it's hard to imagine liking raw zucchini (without pickling it at least). It's actually delicious. The trick is to shave it no thicker than 1/16 of an inch. Tossed with olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt, red pepper, and toasted pine nuts and wow. Oh, and fresh shaved Parmesan, naturally. A great salad main course, or a great accompaniment to fish or chicken.

  4. Nik,
    I am thrilled to see that you have decided to continue your blog..I adore your recipes, and certainly your photos have been immediate eye candy, but actually I would prefer just to hear what's on your mind, or "Musings and Mutterings" as you put it..I never really wanted to be an all out food blogger myself, and if you read my blog, you will notice that
    I stick a recipe in here and there, but that mine is more whatever happens to be on my mind at the time, plus a bit of "diary poetry", if you will...
    Glad to see you back...I will continue as one of your biggest fans...Nicole

  5. Thank you Nicole. I do read your blog and enjoy it very much. This particular blog will remain food and drink oriented, but look forward to a more diverse approach. I may soon start a different blog with a focus on the arts and social commentary. If I do, I'll be sure to encourage you to check it out! It's good to know someone is reading...

  6. Wonderful blog overall and great post, but I hate to break it to you that there is no such animal as New Mexico style white chili. As a native New Mexican and avid cook, I think no actual native New Mexican would even recognize this dish as a new twist or elaboration of anything New Mexican at all but for the addition of what looks like a relatively small amount of green chile. For a good primer on traditional NM foods, see this site: http://newmexico.org/cuisine/recipes/index.php. It looks and sounds like it tasted wonderful, but I would suggest a different name. Culturally speaking, I can also tell you that NM chile is spelled with an "e." As an aside, I've eaten the chile grown here. It is wonderful and it is the real deal. I'll still go home every year and haul my 40-60# of roasted, frozen, zip-locked baggies in my checked suitcases on the plane. I'd go broke paying the local prices for that much chile. ¡Que viva el chile!

  7. SLo Foodie,

    Noted. (See changes above). The body of this Chili, (Chile)? is made of pureed Roasted Hatch Chilies that a friend brought me from his family home in New Mexico. I also was pleased to see that Whole Foods had them brought in this year for a couple of weeks, during the peak of the season. And they were (relatively) inexpensive. I have been to New Mexico only twice, and was fortunate enough to experience the roasting season when the air is filled with the aroma. Truly, it was amazing. Thanks for the comment!