20 January 2010

Sandwiches! or, The New Super Food.

Okay, I know.  It's been a long time.

Let me just say I enjoyed all of the bean recipes I never posted.  No further explanation.  They were great, and I am sure some of them will find their way in to this blog at some point.  Moving on...

The downside of living in Portland, (and a reason I've often fantasized of leaving again), has always been a complete, or nearly so, lack of a decent sandwich.  There of course, have been long standing exceptions, such as the Gyro at The Greek Deli on SE Burnside, The New York Style Pastrami at Neumann's German Bakery on NE Sandy, and a few others. However, were it not for the plethora of great Taqueria's in town, lunch would be out.

Until recently.

Now, we have Kenny and Zuke's (two locations!), Bunk, Petisco, and the ever beloved, and personal favourite of yours truly, The Laurelhurst Market. Furthermore, let us not fail to mention, the absolutely insane amount of lunch carts exploding into courtyards of niche eateries all over Portland's hip neighbourhoods.

With the economy in the toilet, this is simply genius.  Less overhead, better prices, smaller menus, equalling better food.  I love it, and when I'm working, and lack the time to prepare food, I am a regular at many of these locations. The lines can be ridiculous at any of these, so consider yourselves warned and get there with enough time to spare. Or, do what I prefer, and brown bag it.


Of course, The Erudite Eater endorses all of the above mentioned.  There will be other references mentioned, as well as inspirational foods mentioned in the coming posts.  What some of these places are doing for their sandwiches is simply earth shattering.  Once again, Portland has headed a trend, coming soon to a city near you.

But I digress.

There are two things that I find well defining in any person.  The ability to accessorize, and the ability to make a proper sandwich.

So, let us begin a new theme.  Perhaps, some of what I have planned will actually get posted here.

Sandwiches! or, The New Superfood.

Until then,


Oh, and a hint:

Bacon Jam.  Yeah, that's right.  I said it.


  1. Who knew that Portland had a lot of taquerias?
    I've never been to Portland, and I'm quite surprised by that...I suppose that Mexican food in one form or another has spread just about everywhere now...It's interesting to taste the different varieties...Are they similar to San Francisco's taquerias? Where I live, "Tex-Mex" rules, though more and more we are starting to get more "Mexican" restaurants..
    I LOVE sandwiches, and consider them to be one of the wonders of the world...Glad to see that I am not alone....Love not only the recipes but the photos...makes one want to drool....Thanks for your always informative and interesting blog...Always enjoyable..

  2. The Taquerias here are indeed very similar to what you would find in California and are quite reminiscent of the street carts in Northern and Central Mexico. In fact, many of them are trucks. We lack much Tex Mex here, with the wonderful exception of Esparza's Tex Mex Cafe, owned and operated by Joe Esparza, a Texas native. Seriously, we have only one authentic Tex Mex restaurant in all of Portland...

    Thank you for your comment. I feel that sandwiches are a cultural imperative, only now beginning to gain the respect and appreciation here, that the have long enjoyed on the East Coast and elsewhere in the world.